Dress & Courtesies

Clubhouse Dress Code

In keeping with the atmosphere of Allegheny Country Club, members are reminded that appropriate attire is required while on the Club premises. While guidelines are provided below, and are based upon various areas of the Club and grounds, more formal dress is always encouraged. Members are responsible for their attire as well as that of their guests.

Children should be conservatively dressed at all times. The Club’s adult dress code applies to children ages 12 and older.

Hats and caps on gentlemen and boys are to be removed upon entering the Clubhouse or when utilizing any of the covered outdoor dining areas.

Definitions of Attire:
Club Formal
Gentlemen:  jackets with dress slacks. 
Ladies:  dresses, skirts, or other appropriate semi-formal attire. 
Footwear:  dress shoes.

Club Casual
Gentlemen:  business attire, sweaters welcomed with collared shirts and neatly pressed slacks or shorts.  Jackets and ties are optional. 
Ladies:  dresses, skirts, shorts and slacks with appropriate tops. 
Footwear:  smart casual in styling, such as loafers or leather sandals.

Club Athletic
Gentlemen:  golf attire, tennis attire, or business casual attire with neatly pressed khakis and appropriate shirts with collar. 
Shirt tails are to be worn inside the trousers unless tailored to be worn outside. 
Ladies:  golf attire, tennis attire, or business casual attire, dresses, skirts, shorts, and slacks with appropriate tops
Footwear:  smart casual in styling, such as loafers or leather sandals, or appropriate golf or tennis shoes. Workout wear is only welcome in the Fitness Center.

The Dress Code may be modified in the case of special events when specifically noted in any official Club communication or invitation.

When playing golf, tennis or paddle, or swimming, please refer to those area/activity specific Dress Codes.

Applicable Areas:            Before 5:00 pm        After 5:00 pm
Living Room:                      Club Casual              Club Formal
Front Porch and Grill:        Club Athletic            Club Casual
Private Event Rooms:         Club Casual              Club Casual
*Grill Bar and Porch:          Club Athletic             Club Athletic

*Tasteful and properly fitted jeans and paddle tennis attire are only allowed in these areas. Frayed or torn jeans are not permitted.

Swimwear, cut-offs, tank tops, miniskirts, short shorts, clothing with offensive graphics or language, or otherwise unkempt clothing is never permitted in the Clubhouse.

Golf Course Dress Code
Appropriate Dress:

Slacks or Golf Skirts/Skorts
Collared Golf Shirts
Golf Appropriate Shorts
Golf Appropriate Tee Shirts
Sleeveless Shirts with Collar

Inappropriate Dress:
Excessively Short Shorts, Skirts, or Skorts
Tennis Attire
Bathing Suits
Exercise/Fitness Attire
Blue Jeans or denim or any kind

Appropriate Dress:

Bermuda Shorts or Walking-length Shorts
Golf Shirts (All Short-sleeve shirts must have a collar)
Long-sleeve Mock or Full Turtlenecks
Golf Sweaters and Outerwear
*All shirts must be tucked in

Inappropriate Dress:
Blue Jeans or denim of any kind
Short Shorts
Tennis Attire
Bathing Suits
Cargo Pants or Cargo Shorts
Golf Shirts without Collars
Short-Sleeve Mock Turtlenecks
Tee Shirts
Tank Tops
Exercise/Fitness Attire
Caps/hats must be worn bill forward. Gentlemen are required to remove hats on porches and in the clubhouse.

Swimming Pool Dress Code
Proper bathing attire is required
As in other areas of the Club, jeans may not be worn at the Club
Please change diapers and clothing in the privacy of the locker rooms
All diaper-age children must wear swim diapers

Racquets Dress Code
White clothing is required on all tennis courts
Colored warm-up suits are permitted during cold weather
Tennis shoes are required on the paddle courts, but there are no specific dress codes.

Fitness Center Dress Code
Only clean athletic shoes with non-marking soles are permitted. Proper and tasteful athletic attire is required at all times.

The entire indoor facilities of Allegheny Country Club are smoke free.

Wireless Connection
Wireless connection is available for members and guests with laptop computers, tablets, and other wifi-enabled mobile devices. Members and guests can log on to our internet gateway and access their e-mail accounts and the web from designated rooms in the Club. A password is not required.

For more information on this policy and designated areas for the use of laptop computers, please contact the General Manager's office.